All proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets are deposited into the PVHS Girls Lacrosse budget which benefits both the JV and Varsity teams. For the 2023 season, there were 600 raffle tickets printed.

Who may purchase tickets?

Members of the JV and Varsity Lacrosse teams are permitted to purchase tickets in their own name.

Each athlete is encouraged to sell 10 tickets to friends, family, teachers, tutors, employers, and anyone they feel comfortable in asking. Athletes are not to sell tickets outside of businesses unless they have a relationship and permission from the business owner. 

If there are any unsold tickets, they will be sold to the public at the gate of home games as well as the concession stand. 

What are the deadlines to sell and turn in tickets?

If an athlete sells their initial ten tickets and wants to sell more, they just need to contact the raffle organizer and a new batch of tickets will be given to them to sell.

If an athlete has sold their initial 10 tickets and turned in the collected money and ticket stubs by February 2nd, their name will be entered into a raffle with a chance to win a $25 gift card to Florida Juice and Bowl.

ALL ticket sale proceeds, and tickets stubs need to be returned to the raffle organizer by TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14th at the beginning of practice. 

The athlete who sells the most raffle tickets will win a prize designed by the raffle committee. 

When will the winning tickets be drawn?

The winners will be drawn during halftime of the last home varsity scheduled game. This year, that game is Tuesday, March 21, 2023. If this game is rescheduled the winners will be chosen at that game. Due to unforeseen events, if the game is canceled the winners will either be chosen at the last scheduled home game or on the date printed on the ticket. The new date will be updated on the website if needed. Winners will be contacted before the end of that day.

Who will draw the winning ticket?

The Athletic Director or a member of Riptide will be asked to draw the winning tickets.

Which prize will be drawn first?

The highest valued prize will be drawn first ($1,000), then 2nd place ($500) and then third place ($250). This order secures that every ticket is included in the drawing for the grand prize.

Does the winner need to be present to win, and how long do they have to claim the prize?

The winner does not need to be present to claim their prize. The winner will be contacted promptly according to the information printed on the ticket. 

The winner will have 30 days to collect their prize, or the money will be redeposited into the general account of the PVHS girls lacrosse budget. Please make sure your information is printed clearly on the raffle ticket.